(Established 1989)


*Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of every month @ 4 pm. 210 E. Custer St.

Work Sessions begin at 3:30 pm on the day of the meeting

Member Title Term Expires Term Limit  Appointed By
David Wright Board Chair 06/30/22 2 Year Term County
Brad M. Jackson Treasurer 06/30/21 2 Year Term City
Kaley Holyfield Secretary   06/30/22 2 Year Term City
Page C. Malmstrom Vice-Chair 06/30/21 2 Year Term County
Kathleen Bertoncelj   06/30/21 2 Year Term County
Tessa Cedillo   06/30/22 2 Year Term City
Rebecca Walsh   06/30/22 2 Year Term City
Scott Larson Executive Director at will    
Sara Haugen Marketing Manager at will    
Lyndee Johnston Administrative Assistant at will    
Pat Gabriel City Council Liaison      
Terri Jones County Commissioner Liaison      
J. J. Harris Community Liaison Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce      
Bob Nelson Summit Visitor Center Supervisor at will    


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