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Proposed City Land Gift Map


Purchase and Sale Agreement City


*******  NOTICE  *******

Please be advised that the land areas depicted on the above map are PRIVATE property.    Always respect private property.    

Please do not trespass on private lands.  Thank You.

Posted by IT Department Friday, July 21, 2017 2:59:00 PM
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Friday, July 21, 2017 4:55:17 PM
Susan McKay

This is a beautiful, precious resource for our city and county!  We have so little open space, and this is an invaluable asset. The whole area is very multi-use year round.  We need to hold on to these spaces for public use.

Friday, July 21, 2017 8:45:55 PM
Bern Hinckley

It is incorrect to characterize this proposal as a “gift”. It is a trade. The landowner gives the City 127 acres. The City builds a mile of 45th Street to improve the developability of that landowner’s other properties. What does a mile of city street cost?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 5:43:40 PM
Jason R


I agree that it really is not a gift, rather it is a swap.  

 Nevertheless, it would be nice though to see this property more actively managed to prevent further public abuse.

I am hopeful that there would be limited or no motorized vehicle use on this parcel as well as the parcel up to the towers.  If it is opened up to atv use etc I am not in favor of the acquisition.  In other words I would like to see it restricted to foot, bike and horseback use only with an exception for service vehicles when necessary.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017 7:30:37 PM
Stan Huff

Who really has the most to gain?

I agree with Bern Hinckley in his comment of July 21.

I think I originally voted in favor of this "gift", which, upon further examination, is decidedly NOT a gift. The cost to the City of Laramie to construct the required road (and maybe a bridge over a wash) would be substantial, and the resultant benefit to the City is highly questionable.

The land involved is adjacent to the City Springs, a source of Laramie water that is quite firmly protected from development by the Casper Aquifer Protection Plan. Warren Livestock, LLC cannot develop this land. Essentially, it is worthless to them. They are proposing to give a "gift" that is worthless to them.

The City of Laramie has no real need of this land. Recreational access to the new Jacoby Ridge Rural Trail and to the WY State Land, Section 36, does not depend upon this land. The City of Laramie gains no real benefit in acquiring this land.

The only real beneficiaries would be the owners of the ranch land, managed by Doug Samuelson, north of the current extent of 45th St. Without a short connection to Grand Ave via 45th St and Boulder Dr, building lots in that northern area, should they eventually be permitted, would be less attractive to buyers.

In short, I encourage the City to view this "gift" offer critically, and evaluate, as well as possible, the actual ratio of cost/benefit. Not only for the present, but also considering what precedent may be set by enabling pressure for future development in, or very near, the Casper Aquifer, the effective boundaries of which are not definitively known.

Sunday, July 30, 2017 9:09:18 PM
Rick F

A connector to 45th?

A connector street from Walgreens to Indian Hills seems like it would have a lot of potential repurcussions that should be considered via a substantial review process.  I'd hate to see the city obligate themselves to this kind of development without leaving open a clear pathway for more thorough review.  It would be great for the city to acquire this parcel

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 11:13:12 AM
Dick Flores

Is this a prank?  First, this is not a gift.  It's an agreement that the City will build a road that's not needed except to  financially benefit Warren Livestock LLC.  In return the City will receive a piece of property it doesn't need.  Let that piece of land remain as private property.  It's already restricted as to use.  Let 45th remain as it is.  There is plenty of access through the Indian Hills Subdivision and Grays Gable Road, and soon there will be an additional access road west from the new housing development.  

Stop presenting this as a gift to the City!  That is an outright lie and completely misleading.  Stop the present vote on this proposal and begin another vote which includes the City's requirement to build 45th Street.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017 7:51:37 AM
Amy Nagler

This seems like one instance where looking a gift horse in the mouth is a good idea. It would be prudent to find out how much this "gift" will cost compared to the value of the parcel to the city--not just in terms of road building, but the comprehensive cost of development to the city and county. The way this offer has been presented to the public for comment makes me suspicious. A little transparency would be refreshing here. 

Sunday, August 06, 2017 8:24:23 AM
Kelli Trujillo

So the proposed new road that would essentially be payment for this property would connect 45th St to Boulder Drive? Wouldn't that make it cut across this parcel, and also the land to the north where the new Jacoby Ridge trail was just put in? If we are looking to conserve all of that land as open space, putting a paved road through it doesn't make sense to me...

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 6:45:02 AM
Nathan Hayes

I am in strong support of purchasing the land east of town. It's a great opportunity for the community and I strongly recommend we go ahead with the purchase

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