The Civil Division of the County & Prosecuting Attorney is “the County’s law firm.” Pursuant to Wyoming statute § 18-3-302, the Civil Division provides legal counsel for the County, its officials, boards and agencies. The Civil Division legally represents and works directly with the Albany County Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, District Court, Sheriff, Coroner, County departments and boards including the Planning Commission, Fair Board and Library Board in providing legal services in the areas of employment law, contract review and enforcement, property tax, election issues, real property sale and purchase and zoning and land use issues. The Civil Division represents the interests of the County in state and federal courts as well as a variety of administrative settings. The Civil Division also handles:


  • Involuntary hospitalization proceedings and directed outpatient commitment of individuals suffering mental illness as defined by State statute;
  • Actions where the employer fails to comply with the State department of Workforce Services’ order to pay the unpaid wages;
  • Actions against individual when a nuisance exists to abate the nuisance by injunction;
  • Actions to revoke any Wyoming liquor license or permit for violating State statute;
  • Actions against any person violating the State public records and public meeting act; and
  • In rem action involving abandoned vehicles.