Community Partner Update:

Applications will be accepted through 5 p.m. Wednesday, February 17, 2016, with presentations to Council on the following Tuesday, February 23, 2016. The applications can be downloaded at and

As you may be aware, the State of Wyoming is anticipating a sizable budget shortfall for the next biennium which has in turn caused the Governor and state lawmakers to consider serious reductions in contributions to cities, towns, and counties in an attempt to balance one of the tightest budgets in recent history. While the exact amount of the reduction is still to be determined, current budget proposals show the reduction to the City of Laramie to be at least 12%. In response, the City of Laramie has instituted spending and hiring freezes pending the conclusion of the 2016 Legislative session. The City of Laramie is also scrutinizing its own budget for expenses and projects that could be reduced, delayed or eliminated. The County is also expecting a reduction in funding and will also be considering measures to balance their budget.

These budget concerns may affect our ability to respond to Community Partner needs. As a result, we ask Community Partners to be mindful of budget limitations when preparing applications.

There are a few slight changes to the application process, the most notable of which include:

  • Applications must be signed by agency director and board president.
  • Only two (2) originals plus one (1) electronic copy must be submitted. Submittal instructions and addresses are included within the application.
  • NOTE: the County is requiring their recipients to execute contracts this year.
  • Last year’s application requested projected revenues and expenses for the upcoming fiscal years. This was requested to help the City and County to anticipate future funding needs, however, agencies reported those projects were cumbersome so the budget section of the application has been revised to remove projections.
  • Lastly, the City of Laramie required that Fiscal Year 2015/2016 awardees execute a grant contract. That contract requires an interim report be submitted with the application. The interim report is included within the application packet. The contract also requires that any funds that are not used or committed by the end of June 2016 be returned to the City of Laramie. Awardees may request an extension to use funds past June 30th. Requests for extensions are due in May. Instructions for extensions are included within grant contracts.

We are pleased to introduce two new additions to the City and County’s team, City Clerk Angie Johnson and County Grants Manager Tai Wright.
In December, Angie Johnson replaced Sue Morris-Jones who retired after over two decades as City Clerk! Before taking the reigns as City Clerk, Angie had worked in the City of Laramie’s Parks and Recreation and Human Resources Department. She is a Laramie transplant from Minnesota where she had been a teacher and served on the school board.

Tai Wright replaced Sheela Schermetzler as County Grant Manager this fall after Sheela moved to Green River. Tai had previously worked for the State of Wyoming in various capacities, including administration of large scale public health grants. She is eager to meet our Community Partners and to learn about their funding needs!

As always, on the behalf of the city and the county we would like to thank you for your continued partnership and efforts in making our community and county a safe and wonderful place to live, work, and play! Your organizations make a difference in our community and your efforts truly do reach those with the greatest needs.

Community Partner Application