Employee of the Month: Alyssa Tekiela


Recently, I had to take an elderly family member to receive a flu shot. Oftentimes it can be intimidating or difficult to navigate certain medical processes, so I reached out to Alyssa Tekiela for assistance. I could not have been more impressed by the care that we received. Her genuine concern and quick response provided me the opportunity to complete the form and continue with the process.


Upon arriving at the flu clinic, my family member was welcomed with kindness and warmness. Alyssa directed my family member to the proper area, made sure they were comfortable, and saw that the flu shot was administered.  She wished us both a great day.


Her guidance and undivided attention to the request for assistance, as well as her kindness, made the whole process easier to navigate. Alyssa’s demeanor in handling people such as my elderly family member is a great reflection of the work she does for Albany County, and for that, we are grateful to have her as part of the Albany County team.


 Office Manager

Public Health Office