The main duties of the Grants Manager are to develop, prepare, and submit grant proposals to federal and state agencies for the various departments of Albany County by working with prospective county grant project staff to develop and write proposals. The Grants Manager also manages and maintains compliance on the various grants including, report writing, file maintenance, preparation for payment of grant expenditures and tracking of grant revenues. The Grants Manager coordinates training of grant program and project staff in policies and practices relating to personnel, fiscal purchasing, and other resource management requirements; facilitates improvement in procedural efficiencies and effectiveness; conducts research on various federal and state grant programs; and provides technical assistance for other grant proposal writers.
Most of us know what grants are, how they work and how they can benefit our organization.  Most people also know that they are time-consuming to write, can cause a lot of anxiety during the writing process, and can be difficult to manage. People that are new to the grant writing process can get confused easily in the process and wonder where to get those grants that they hear about, and how they are supposed to find the time to manage them? Learning some valuable tips and rules in the grant writing process will help you become more comfortable and familiar with the process of writing and managing grants.
Every year, millions of dollars are set aside by the federal agencies for grants and loans to City, County, State and Tribal Governments as well as non-profit organizations, schools, and other entities. The links below will assist you in the grant writing process as well as give you very helpful information on what types of grants are available.
Provides information on writing a grant proposal, including the basic components of a proposal, initial proposal development and information on guidelines and literature.
Provides information on general sources of funding including websites and books.


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