Albany County Attorney’s Office 1/10/19


Today, a grand jury decided for no indictment of Corporeal Derek Colling to the criminal charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Robbie Ramirez, finding use of deadly force by Corporeal Derek Colling in this incident was justifiable. Peggy Trent, the Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney requested that a grand jury be specifically convened to hear evidence relating to this shooting.  This is the first time that a grand jury has been convened in the State of Wyoming relating to an officer involved shooting.

By Wyoming State law, Grand jury proceedings are done in secret and the Grand Jury‘s primary function is to inquire into matters presented before it and determine if the filing of criminal charges are warranted by the evidence.  Evidence was presented by County Attorney Peggy Trent over the course of two (2) days.  The evidence presented to the grand jury included evidence collected by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation including crime scene photographs, footage from Corporeal Derek Colling’s body camera, footage from the patrol vehicle of Corporeal Derek Colling and audio recording of radio traffic from this incident.  Other evidence presented to the Grand Jury included  toxicology reports, autopsy report photographs, audio interview of Corporeal Derek Colling,  and expert reports on use of force from Non-Lethal Defense, Inc from Casper, Wyoming and Daigle Law Group, LLC from Southington, Connecticut. 

 County Attorney Peggy Trent felt convening a grand jury for this matter was the most appropriate course of action. Grand Jury proceedings allow citizens to examine evidence and testimony to determine whether the actions or inactions by law enforcement in using deadly force are within and consistent with the general industry standard for officer involved shootings and whether in this instance actions were within Albany County Sheriff’s Office policy and training guidelines and met with national use of force training standards.  This process provides a means for accountability of law enforcement agencies and officers to ensure local polices and national standards are adhered to when deadly force is used.  Currently, in the State of Wyoming the decision of whether the use of deadly force by an officer is justified is left to the sole decision of the District Attorneys or County & Prosecuting Attorneys, and these district/county attorneys may convene a grand jury for this purpose at their discretion. 


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