Information on County Projects on the Specific Purpose Tax Ballot
Primary Election, August 21, 2018

Albany County will receive $11,928,825 or 18% of the $65,582,470 raised by renewing the specific purpose tax. The county is committed to the projects below, in the same order as they appear on the ballot. More of the tax money cannot be spent on the project than the total listed here. Any sums not spent are saved to be used for the project named on the ballot. The money cannot be transferred to another project.

Projects are listed by ballot letter with the cost for the project first, then the organization and a description of the project.

A.  $247,000 for Albany County Public Library projects including

    1. $121,350 for interior improvements: door hardware (ADA compliant), flooring and window coverings in staff areas, furniture for public areas, and energy-efficient lighting conversion.

    2. $55,650 for meeting room improvements: flooring, furniture, AV equipment, and screen and security door replacement.

    3. $70,000 for drainage improvements: drains, curbs, and gutters.

The library was built 1980-81. See library information at

B. $100,000 for Road and Bridge Shops in Laramie and Rock River.

The Laramie building is almost twenty years old. Rock River’s is younger. Both need more energy efficient lighting and heating. The Laramie shop’s roof needs to be resealed. The garage doors need maintenance.

C. $1,162,571 for Courthouse and building renovations.

This includes replacing furniture and carpet, repairing or replacing sidewalks, removing and replacing trees, renovating the commissioners’ meeting room, the north entry to the courthouse and covering the County Election Building. The courthouse was built in 1931. Its last renovation began 17 years ago with the 2001 specific purpose tax.

D. $1,105,000 for the sheriff’s department to replace vehicles and in-car video equipment and purchase an electronic citation system.

Currently, 4-5 vehicles are replaced annually with the ones in better conditions going to other departments in the county. The department currently purchases Chevrolet Tahoes and ½ ton Chevrolet trucks through the bid process. The cost for a vehicle, fully retrofitted with equipment, is approximately $44,625 for a truck and $50,025 for a Tahoe. This plan, enacted by elected officials and the county commission, has resulted in safer, more dependable transportation for all county departments.

The in-car videos are several years old and beginning to fail. Much of the cost associated with in-car video systems is server storage. The system engages when deputies turns their emergency lights on and records visual and audio of contacts between deputies and citizens.

The electronic citation system is much more efficient that a paper citation system. It also integrates with software in Circuit Court record system.

E. $2,000,000 for heavy equipment for Road and Bridge.

The new motor graders will have a seven year warranty buy-back program. The rollers and large trucks are usually purchased used to save money. There are seven graders in all, four in Laramie and three in Rock River. Snow removal on mail and school bus routes is a priority for Road and Bridge.

F. $1,422,512 to renovate and update the county’s information technology.

Work would include upgrading the LAN (Local area network), server clusters (virtual and physical), storage array, email conversion, and VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone system. Each of these areas use hardware and applications that are dated and need a serious refresh. Loss of reliability and increased downtime due to the state of the existing systems cause an increase in lost productivity for Albany County Government (ACG), employees and public. Upgrading these system will allow ACG to be more proactive in IT infrastructure support rather than current reactive situation.

G. $427,184 for the Albany County Fair Board to purchase the Range Arena.

This is 3.7 acres of commercial land and an arena located south of I80, west of Highway 287 and the existing county fair complex, and east of Ft. Sanders Road. It is L shaped with access from Ft. Sanders Road. Adding this property will created additional space for 4-H, FFA, and community programs. The property was appraised at $322,000. The purchase price will be $325,000 because the appraisal did not include equipment on the property and a mobile home that is currently rented. The additional $102,184 is for improvements.

See additional information at

H. $764,00 for the Albany County Detention Center

The building is almost 30 years old. It is in need of renovations and replacements for employee and inmate safety. The office infrastructure (desks, counters, drawers) in Master Control, the Booking Room, and the Nurse’s Station are all original to a building and literally falling apart. Bullet proof/resistant glass should be installed in the Master Control room. The flooring in the outdoor recreation areas where inmates are allowed to exercise has completely disintegrated. The finish on the walls and floors of the inmate shower stalls is the original and is in need of replacement. Other detention center projects are long deferred maintenance.

I. $4,700,000 for the following road improvements:

   1. Bluebird Lane (.5 miles between Vista Dr. and Grand Ave. extension of city’s Bill Nye Ave.): Reconstruct Bluebird to increase road safety with increased traffic for High School - Widening shoulders and improving drainage. Priority road-may be bonded.

   2. Palmer Canyon Road (2 miles from MP 0 to MP 2): Increase the elevation and repair shoulders where the road crosses Wheatland #3 Reservoir dike.

   3. Pahlow Lane: ( 8 miles from WY Highway 230 to Hanson Lane) Overlay

   4. Soldier Springs: (3 miles) Widen roadway.


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