How Albany County Uses

Its One Percent Optional Sales Tax Money


Since the Optional One Per Cent Sales Tax was first approved by voters in 1986, the county has used the revenue for capital expenses and Community Partners.  The proposition is to renew the tax; it is not a new tax.  The City, County, and Town could extend the tax by proclamation, but elected officials heard what voters said in several public meetings in the 1990’s.  Citizens told the City and County they wanted to vote on the issue every four years. 


In the last four fiscal years (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018), the optional sales tax revenue for the county totaled almost $1.6 million.    The amount collected in Albany County is distributed proportionately   by population, so Laramie receives more than Albany County and Albany County receives more than Rock River. As more people move outside the city limits, Albany County’s share increases.


The county commissioners determine how Albany County’s share is allocated during the county’s budget process. All county revenue for the coming year is estimated.   Revenue has not always reached estimates. 


You can see reports on sales tax income at Albany County Open Gov Records

County departments report how they spent their portion:


  • Public Library: Over the past four years, ACPL has used Optional Sales Tax funds to pay for IT services and technology purchases. 


  • Sheriff:  We utilize 1% monies for maintenance contracts such as our detention center elevator, as well as our general annual maintenance contract for the detention center HVAC.


Community Partners:  In the same four years, the county has distributed $815,486 to 29 Community Partners including the Albany County Fair, Albany County Public Library and Foundation, Albany County Weed Control, American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, CLIMB Wyoming,  Developmental Preschool, Downtown Clinic,  Eppson Center for Seniors, Family Promise, Freedom Has a Birthday,  Hospice of Laramie, Interfaith Good Samaritan, Laramie Foster Closet, Laramie Plains Civic Center, Laramie Plains Museum, Laramie Railroad Depot, Laramie Regional Airport, Laramie Reproductive Health,  Laramie Soup Kitchen, Laramie Youth Council, Laramie Youth Crisis Center, Lincoln Community Center,  Medicine Bow Nordic Association, My Front Door, Public Art Program, and SAFE Project.  Grants totaled between $1000 and $315,750.


The city and county share an application form and process so organizations may apply to both for funding at the same time. In that case, there is a joint meeting with groups presenting information about their requests.  City and County officials meet separately with single grant applicants.



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