Download Fee Schedule

Zoning Certificate
($100.00 late fee for construction prior to permit approval)

Mobile Home $100.00
Residence/Principal Structure $200.00
Accessory Structure/Addition to an Existing Structure $100.00
Rural Address $100.00
Zoning Change $300.00 + notice fee
Conditional Use Permit $300.00 + notice fee


Zoning Certificate – Outdoor Signs

On-premise $50.00 + $2.00/sq. ft.
Off-premise $100.00 + $2.00/sq. ft.
Off-premise renewal (renewals follow a 3 year schedule) $50.00



Preliminary Plat Review $300.00 + notice fee
Final Plat Review and Subdivision Permit $300.00 or $50.00 per lot (whichever is greater)
up to maximum of $2,500 + notice Fee



Temporary Towers $100.00
Small Wind Energy Systems $100.00
Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) Permit $300.00 per turbine + notice fee
Tower Permit (includes zone change to Telecommunications and Utility Overlay Zone) $300.00 + notice fee
Co-Location Tower Permit $100.00


Wastewater Permits

Small Wastewater Application $325.00
    ($100.00 late fee for construction prior to approval to install) 
Wastewater Installer and Hauler Licensure $75.00


Other Fees

Variances $200.00 + notice fee
Flood Plain Development Permit $300.00
Mobile Home Park Annual License $200.00 + $9.00 per lease space
Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone Site Specific Investigation $300.00
Notice Fee (applies to all permits requiring a public hearing) $100.00
Engineering/Other Professional Reviews (for technical reviews as allowed by County Regulations) Actual Cost



If your property lies within an area designated as the Casper Aquifer Protection Zone (CAPZ), any septic field that is to be installed in that area will have to be designed by a Professional Engineer or a Professional Geologist, licensed to practice in Wyoming and qualified to do such work. An electrical engineer, for example, may not have the requisite skills for this undertaking.  The engineer/geologist should contact the County Water and Wastewater Engineer for guidance regarding what will be expected.