At approximately 7:21 P.M. on Wednesday May 29th, Deputies of the Albany County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to 466 North Pierce Space #5 on an original report of an unknown person unlawfully entering into the residence.

 While deputies were responding, additional information was developed that a female was also in the residence and was "screaming for help", and furthermore could be hostage by an unknown male.

Deputies as well as Laramie Police officers were on scene within minutes and surrounded the immediate area and began evacuation of nearby residents from their homes for safety concerns.

The alleged witness to the events was immediately interviewed as to the details of what he had observed. Due to the report of a possible Hostage situation, the Laramie Police/ Albany County combined SWAT team was activated and responded to the scene.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol responded as well to assist in traffic control in the immediate area and the Laramie Fire Department had an ambulance crew staged on scene throughout the event.

The trailer home was eventually entered by the SWAT team, as well as the Albany County K-9 team and it was determined that the residence was unoccupied.

Further interviews of the alleged witness have resulted into the possibility of a false report being made to law enforcement with the investigation continuing.  


Robert J. DeBree


Albany County Sheriff's Office