Public Service Announcement


Press release / Public service announcement

June 26, 2012

For immediate release


Recent wildland fire incidents in Colorado and neighboring states have prompted local officials within Albany County to begin planning procedures to protect the residents and visitors in the event wildfires start in the County. First responders within Albany County are working closely with other local, state, and federal partners. Our primary mission is to promote the safety of residents in Albany County and to prevent fires from starting by man-made methods. “Keeping people safe and communicating the dangers and risks are top priorities for Albany County,” says Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley.

All public lands in Albany County are now under fire restrictions. Open fires are not allowed in Albany County, even in established fire-pits. National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management officials, along with the Albany County Fire Warden, have enacted this fire restriction in order to prevent fires.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office is working with remote county neighborhoods to identify evacuation routes and survival strategies. We strongly encourage all residents in Albany County and neighboring areas to register for CodeRED (register online at,, or by calling 307-721-1815). CodeRED is a notification system that calls households based on the address they associate with that phone number. Although CodeRED cannot reach every phone number, it is a useful notification tool. When non-emergent information is available, please refer to the Albany County website ( or the City of Laramie website ( Future Public Service Announcements will be posted to these websites and as more information becomes available refer to these sites for the most up to date information. If evacuation and sheltering operations occur, information will be posted to these websites.

Steps you can do to prepare are to pack a “go” kit of items you would want if you were recommended to evacuate immediately. Remember to include medications and other necessities in your kit. Do your best to always have a full tank of fuel in case you need to drive further than expected. If Albany County officials need volunteers, we will recall people who have registered on the Wyoming volunteer website. You can become involved now by signing up at, clicking on ‘Albany County’ and then selecting either ‘CERT’ or ‘MRC’.

Air quality within Albany County has been affected by the neighboring fires. Stay indoors if you are able, do not participate in strenuous physical activity outdoors, and use common sense to avoiding smoke-filled air.

Once again, sign up for CodeRED and continually refer to the Albany County and City of Laramie websites for the most up to date information.