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Under the Wyoming Victim Bill of Rights, all victims and witnesses of crimes are provided certain rights. The Albany County & Prosecuting Attorneys has created the Victim Witness (VW) Program to ensure victim’s rights are protected.

Mission and Vision

To provide all victims with an understanding of the criminal justice system and their rights as victims, and to ensure all victims have consistent treatment and equal access to competent services.

The VW Advocate coordinates the initial contact with victims and witnesses of crimes to provide an overview of the court process and address victims’ concerns. Meetings with a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney are immediately scheduled with victims of crimes against persons to coordinate the transition from the law enforcement investigation to the criminal prosecution of a defendant. The VW Advocate is the point of contact for the prosecution and notify victims and witnesses of hearings and status relating to cases. Upon conviction of a defendant, the VW Advocate is responsible for obtaining a victim impact statement from the victim to provide to the sentencing court as to the physical, psychological or emotional harm done to the victim as well as any claim for restitution. The VW Advocate also works with law enforcement and the deputy prosecuting attorneys for the return of property taken as evidence.

The Albany County & Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recognizes not only the emotional, but also the financial impact to victims. The VW Advocate assist victims with obtaining monies for emergency expenses through the State Surcharge Fund and the Crime Victim Compensation Act to ensure victims’ safety, access to necessary medical attention, and to address financial hardship that could cause homelessness, hunger or instability. The VW Advocate work closely with the Albany County SAFE project in obtaining sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking protection orders.

Victim Information and Notification Everyday

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) is an automated service that lets individuals track the custody status of offenders. By calling the toll-free number (866) 994-8463 or visiting https://www.vinelink.com/, individuals can find out the custody status of an offender. Individuals can also register to be notified by phone, e-mail or TTY if the custody status of an offender changes.

Emergency Financial Aid Fund

Limited funds are available to victims of crime who are in urgent financial need to ensure the victim's safety, necessary medical attention and/or address financial hardship that could cause homelessness, hunger, or instability due to the crime committed against them. Click here for the application.  Contact the Victim Witness Program for additional information or to submit your application. Typically, the review and award process takes about a week after the application has been submitted.

Program Surveys

The Victim Witness Program is federally funded and are required to submit outcomes each year in order to be eligible for funding. Our surveys are completely voluntary and the answers are always kept anonymous. We ask that victims fill out the answers to the survey as honestly as possible.

  • The final victim survey is to be completed after the disposition of the case. Click here to complete the survey.
  • The final witness survey is to be completed after the disposition of the case. Click here to complete the survey.
  • In addition, we ask that partnering agencies answer the survey as honestly as possible. Answers are also kept anonymous. Click here to complete the survey.  

Nondiscrimination Policy
VW will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, religion, familial status, language, and social class, economic status, education, residency or HIV status, in its provision of any services to any crime victims or in the recruitment, hiring, retention, assignment or salary of program employees or volunteers. 

Complaints of employment or victim(s) discrimination may be filed with the following individuals and/or agencies:

  • The Albany County Attorney 525 Grand Ave, Suite 100 Laramie, WY 82070, (307) 721-2552
  • WY Office of the Attorney General, Division of Victim Services 320 West 25th, 2nd Floor Cheyenne, WY 82001, (307) 777-7200
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Civil Rights at (888) 736-5551