A wastewater permit is a written authorization issued by the County Water and Wastewater Engineer, which authorizes the applicant to construct, install, or modify the small wastewater facility.  It is required to ensure that the wastewater system is installed in the best location on the property and that it meets a number of County, State and Federal requirements.  Wastewater systems must be installed by a licensed installer in Albany County.  Property owners may install their own system under the guidance of the County Water and Wastewater Engineer.  Applications can be found on our website or can be picked up in our office.  We are located at 1002 South Third Street in the County Annex Building.


Septic Tank Do’s & Don’ts 

Wastewater Design Booklet 2016

Small Wastewater Application

Wastewater Regulations - May 15, 2007 

Wastewater DEQ Permit Regs

If your property lies within an area designated as the Casper Aquifer Protection Zone (CAPZ), any septic field that is to be installed in that area will have to be designed by a Professional Engineer or a Professional Geologist, licensed to practice in Wyoming and qualified to do such work.  The engineer/geologist should contact the County Water and Wastewater Engineer for guidance regarding what will be expected.


General Facts About the Aquifer 

Building in the Aquifer


For any questions regarding the wastewater applications, an existing system or a proposed system, please contact Barney Bisson, the County Water and Wastewater Engineer, at (307) 721-1863.